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Aluminium can

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SBS for creating an aluminium can in 1/35.
Aluminium can
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English version    18:23    5.01.2020
The can is made from metal and can be crushed to give a realistic appearance.

Start with aluminium sheet (0.07 mm thickness used). Punch out 2 discs at 2 mm diameter.

One disc is pressed with a ball stylus to form a curved shape for the bottom of the can. The other disc is pressed with a 5/64” drill bit (i.e. a bit just smaller than 2 mm) to get a flat shape with a raised edge for the top of the can. The rough edge will be smoothed later.

A hole is drilled in the disc for the top of the can if the can is to be open

A sheet of aluminium is cut to a rectangle (3.5 mm x 6.3 mm) and rolled into shape around the drill bit. A smaller sheet is also cut and rolled to be used as a support piece behind the seam.

The cylinder secured with CA glue.

The top and bottom are affixed with CA glue. The edges and seams are then smoothed with 1000 grit sandpaper.

A representation of the tab is created from a small piece of fine wire twisted into a ring and crushed flat.

Because the can is made of real aluminium it is easily deformed into natural shapes of crushed cans. Crush with the seam facing down to disguise it. Paint or add decals of drink brands as you like.



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