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Basic model photographing

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Basic model photographing
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English language     23:30    31.03.2020
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I'm still learning taking photos. But anyway I wanted to share my knowledge about taking photo of models. You can use new mobile phones with this setting but a DSLR camera gives much better results. Thanks to Hakan Guney for teaching me lots of details about model photography.

I'm using left side of my bench. This helps me taking some photos when I making model.

I'm using 2 IKEA TERTIAL work lamps.

I'm using Greaseproof paper to prevent direct light to model.

Do not use lamp without greaseproof paper.

Use 6500K. Result are much better

My camera settings are these. But of course taking a small lesson from an advanced user is very important to learn lights, white balance, quality etc.  -RAW quality for magazine photos. Normally L is enough. Lens is 18-55 mm.  I'm using AV mode

DSLR Auto zoom helps you to catch perfect photo. A good DSLR gives you lots of comfort. But my machine is a old Canon 500D and works good

When taking a model photo; use only lamps you choosed for it. Turn off other color light.

Tripod is also an important part. Regular one can help you. But especially pro models helps you for better results. I'm using an octopus tripod. I can take photos from top also.



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