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Broken glass window

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This is how I made a realistic broken glass pane for scale model windows. It is only suitable for applications with flat glass such as older vehicles and building windows.
Broken glass window
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English version    01:35    03.02.2020

I use microscope slide cover glass which is very thin (0.14 mm) and realistic for scale models. The glass can be cut to size using a diamond tip scriber, but here I am using the full piece. I use tweezers or gloves when handling the glass to avoid fingerprints and dust.

I place the glass on a flat surface, and then carefully lay down a piece of clear packing tape over the glass, starting at one corner and working across the glass to avoid air bubbles under the tape.

I cut out the glass by tracing around the edge with a sharp blade.

The glass can then be broken in many ways - to get a circular pattern, I place a grain of sand under the glass and press down with a covered finger (tweezer shown to identify sand, not for pressing down).

Various break patterns can be obtained in the glass. As glass can be sharp and small shards may be produced when breaking, care is required. Use at your own risk!




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