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Italeri Iveco Hi-Way E5 Abarth

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Kit: Iveco Hi-Way E5 Abarth
Scala: 1/24
Stampo: Italeri
Prezzo: 41,90 Amazon
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Italeri Iveco Hi-Way E5 Abarth 1:24
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English version    02:00    4.02.2020
Hi there folks this one is gonna be my next big build after I’ve finished the R34 and NSX which shouldn’t be too long.
It will be my first ever truck build, and there sure is a lot of parts to this one. It will also be the biggest build in terms of size that I’ve done.
I know there is a trailer available for this one, but that’s for another day in the future.
Again thanks for popping by for a look, and if you like what you see can you give my wee page a like.
Many thanks.

I will be building the 2nd version as on the side of box.

The instructions are of a CAD design type. Some folk don’t like these, but personally I like them as they are very clear and concise.

The decals, there is a lot of them for a truck.

I’ll only be using the chrome mirror sections. The upgrade kit has some nice embossed Iveco decals.

The version I will be doing. I prefer this one as there is a lot less chrome on it.

The truck tyres next to the tyres from the NSX kit.

The Hobby Design Upgrade kit. There are a few differences but hopefully I’ll be able to use a lot of the kit.



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